Mouth-Body Connection - Chattanooga, TN

A Healthy Mouth Leads to a Healthy Body

A Healthy Body Begins with Good Oral Health.

Achieving dental health provides life-changing benefits for your smile and supports overall, systemic health. At Chattanooga Periodontics & Dental Implants we believe that a healthy body begins with good oral health.

The state of your oral health has a significant effect on your systemic health, whether you are missing teeth, have gum disease or anything in between. From minimally invasive treatments to advanced technology, we take special care to maximize general and oral health benefits for Chattanooga, TN, patients while delivering the least impact on the mouth and body.

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Gum Disease and Systemic Health

Numerous research studies link gum disease and oral health with a range of serious systemic health conditions. Such issues include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, respiratory illness, pre-term labor and low birth-weight babies, among others. Many believe the root factor in this relationship to be inflammation caused by oral bacteria and their impact on other body systems. As a full-service practice, we offer effective treatments for all stages of gum disease to improve oral health and reduce the risk of health complications.

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Dr. Randall Discusses the Connection Between Systemic Health and Gum Disease

Tooth Replacement for Proper Nutrition

Replacing missing teeth or hopeless teeth as soon as possible is important for both oral health and systemic health and wellness. The closest replication of real teeth, dental implants  offer unrivaled stability, durability and appearance when it comes to oral health and proper nutrition. Implants are a long-term tooth loss solution, and can significantly improve confidence, general health and overall quality of life for Chattanooga, TN, patients.

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Care for Your Oral and Overall Health

Call us today if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms or changes in your oral health!