July 16, 2019
Tooth extraction chattanooga periodontics dental implants

As the name suggests, a dental extraction is the process of removing a tooth. Depending on the tooth’s diagnosis, the dental practitioner overseeing the treatment can perform either a simple extraction or a complex extraction. In this article, we will be discussing the methods of a simple extraction.

Very common and straightforward

A simple dental extraction is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures not just in the U.S., but worldwide as well. Since this is such a commonly practiced treatment you should feel at ease and confident that the process is invasive and straight forward. During the extraction process, the dentist (Dr. Randall) will rid you of the problematic tooth by loosening the gums around the tooth’s socket. Dr. Felts will grasp the tooth using forceps and maneuver it back and forth in a slow rocking motion until they can properly lift it out of its socket without damaging its root in the process.

The Procedure

The entire treatment of a simple tooth removal does not take that long to finish. This contrasts with more complex procedures that tend to be a bit more lengthy. Depending on the tooth and its medical disposition, extracting it will typically take just a few mins after your anesthetic has been activated. Anesthetic is used to make the extraction procedure easier for the dentist to perform and so you don’t feel any discomfort at the time at which they do so. 

After the treatment, the dentist will give you gauze to bite down and apply pressure to in case there is any excess blood loss. Once the dentist sets up a follow-up appointment to make sure everything is properly healing you will then be discharged and free to go home.

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