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Is Fear Keeping You Away from the Periodontist?

IV Sedation Can Improve Your Dental Experience

Are you one of the millions of people that avoid getting dental treatment due to fear, anxiety, or dental phobia?

Today in dentistry there are a number of solutions available to help. When you come into our Chattanooga, TN office for your consultation, we’ll recommend one for you. We offer options that are available via a pill, inhalation, or IV sedation form. You can also choose the level of anesthesia that’s best for you. Do you want to feel like you’re sleeping, or just to help take the edge off?

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Benefits of Sedation

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Dr. Randall Discusses Making Dental Treatment Comfortable with Sedation

We Have Several Sedation Options Available

IV Sedation Medication

This deeper form of sedation is delivered via IV sedation medication into your bloodstream. It’s the most common form of anesthesia used in extractions and dental implant procedures. You will still be able to respond when spoken to, but you won’t remember anything. Our Chattanooga, TN, specialist, Dr. Randall, is certified in IV sedation (a service that is not usually offered by family dentists.)

Local Anesthetic

This is the most common form of anesthesia. We inject a numbing agent in the nerves that run along the area being worked on. Local anesthesia ensures that you don’t feel any pain, but it does nothing to minimize dental anxiety. So, if you’re nervous and anxious about dental treatment, you should consider something to go along with it.

The Osseointegration Process

Also known as laughing gas, this analgesic is breathed in through a nose mask. Within seconds of inhalation, you will feel more at ease and less anxious. It’s short acting and wears off quickly, preventing any type of hangover effect.

Oral Sedation

Conscious sedation is available in pill form. You take the medication before your procedure, and once it starts taking effect, you’ll feel more at ease. Most patients end up taking a nap in the dental chair, but it works great because we can easily wake you if need be. This medicine does stay in your system for several hours. It also causes an amnesiac effect.

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IV Sedation Dentistry and Your Overall Health

When deciding which form of sedation or anesthesia is best for you, we’ll discuss your treatment plan and any concerns you have.

In addition, please let us know about any health issues that you have, especially diabetes or asthma. Bring current medications with you to your consultation, so we can check to make sure they won’t cause any interactions. Your safety is our priority!

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We eliminate fear through sedation dentistry.

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