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Comfortable Tooth Extractions to Save Your Oral Health

Sometimes misfortune strikes, and you’re faced with the decision of having to lose a tooth. This is especially common if you suffer from gum disease. During your visit to our Chattanooga, TN office, we evaluate the supporting structures around your teeth. If we find any that are loose or severely compromised due to a periodontal infection, we can perform comfortable tooth extractions without having to send you elsewhere.

Our goal is to always try to save a tooth before extraction, but in some cases, extraction is necessary to preserve the integrity and health of surrounding teeth and supporting structures. If this is the case our board-certified periodontists can gently extract the tooth, with your safety and comfort in mind, and restore health to the mouth. Tooth extractions are actually not that painful, but we can offer sedation options if necessary. After the procedure, you have the option of replacing it immediately with a dental implant or preserving the area if you are considering one down the line.

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When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Our wisdom teeth come in later in life, during teen years or early adulthood. Ideally, they come in straight as all of our other teeth. But, in more cases than not, this isn’t what happens. Many people don’t have the room in their mouths for wisdom teeth to erupt properly. Sometimes these third molars develop sideways, causing pressure and pain. Bone loss and irreversible trauma to adjacent teeth are common without treatment. Even if a wisdom tooth is developing properly, it may only erupt partially through the gums and be prone to cavities or gum disease. More often than not, wisdom teeth extraction is a preemptive action to limit possible complications with your overall smile. Our periodontists can surgically remove these teeth in teens and adults.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Are There Replacement Options After a Tooth Extraction?

In most cases, replacing a wisdom tooth after a tooth extraction is not necessary. There usually just isn’t room and these teeth are rarely used. The best and most common form of tooth replacement for other teeth is with a dental implant. You can get yours right here in our Chattanooga, TN periodontal office. A dental implant is a post that is surgically inserted under the gum, within the bone. It takes the place of your natural root. A crown (tooth) is attached to it. In some cases, we can perform a tooth extraction and replace it with a dental implant on the same day. Implants can also be used to support longer, multi-tooth restorations. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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Tooth Extraction

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