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Some conditions that have such a large impact on your life can have the simplest solutions. We make it look easy but our Chattanooga, TN, board-certified specialists offer proven results with gentle, precise laser frenectomy treatment.

A frenulum is a thin piece of connective tissue found in the mouth, that attaches one area to another. They help the lips and tongue function properly. Frenula are found under the tongue, inside the middle of the upper and lower lips. Also, on the sides of our mouth where it connects the cheeks to the gum. But when they’re too tight, it can lead to problems.

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Our laser technology helps us easily perform periodontic and soft tissue frenectomies on patients of all ages.

What kind of issues can a tight frenulum cause?

Recognizing Possible Problems with Frenula

A tight frenulum can make it difficult for an infant to latch on when nursing because movement is restricted. Their tongue can’t make the u-shape needed to form a good suction. The baby will be fussy, and breastfeeding may be painful for the mom.

Imagine trying to talk without being able to properly move your lips and tongue. Some children have a lower frenum that attaches at the tip of the tongue. Or, on the top arch, the middle frenulum may run down too far close to the teeth. Since this causes movement restrictions, they can develop speech problems. It can also create challenges for developing teeth, making them spread apart.

Adults can experience difficulty breathing, eating, speaking, swallowing and even cleaning their teeth. It can indicate sleep apnea or digestive issues.

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Why Choose a Laser Frenectomy?

Our Chattanooga, TN practice can help you by performing a minimally invasive frenectomy with the use of laser dentistry.

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art lasers to help us easily perform laser periodontics and soft tissue frenectomies on adult and child patients. During a frenectomy, our periodontists will loosen the tissue with the laser, freeing up movement. It’s a very safe and simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. There’s very little bleeding and it’s virtually painless. The effects it has on your well-being is life-changing and instant. 

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