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Make Dental Implants Possible with Bone Grafting

Setting the Stage

Dental implants are a breakthrough in dentistry. They provide our patients with an option that can potentially last their lifetime. Dental implants don’t affect other teeth. They are fixed, permanent, and aesthetically pleasing. In order to ensure a successful dental implant, there must be a perfect environment. At our Chattanooga, TN practice, we can evaluate the area in question and make recommendations based on what we see. In some cases, there are certain procedures that are necessary to prep the area for an implant before it can be placed.
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Why You May Require a Procedure Before Implant Placing:

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What is a dental bone graft?

We Offer Reliable Implant Preparation

It’s essential to have a sufficient amount of dense bone to hold the implant in place. Patients who have been missing teeth for a long period of time usually have bone deficiencies. Also, severe dental infections cause the bone to resorb. In cases where there isn’t enough bone present, bone grafting is a common practice. If a tooth needs to be extracted first and it has multiple roots, our periodontists of Chattanooga, TN may need to place bone grafting material within the socket before placing the implant. In this case, the surgery site will have to heal for some time afterward. Once an x-ray shows that the area is dense enough, we can go back in and insert the dental implant.

Having multiple extractions may cause the bone ridge to acquire or grow in an uneven shape. There can be places that are sharp, shallow or too thick. Ridge augmentation bone grafting helps recreate the natural contour of the gums and jaw, preparing the area for an implant. After undergoing this procedure, you will be allowed to heal. In time, our periodontists will assess the bone and when it’s ready, we will proceed with placing your implant.

A sinus lift bone grafting procedure comes into play when implants are needed in the upper back area of the mouth. If there is not enough vertical bone height to support dental implants, the sinus cavity can be moved up. If you’ve been missing a tooth in this area for a long period of time, it’s normal for the sinus cavity to have expanded. A lift will provide more room for the implant and prevent infection.

We Provide You with A Solid Foundation

Through our specialized training and years of periodontal experience, we have the expertise to rebuild lost bone.

No matter the cause of your missing teeth or declining bone we are skilled in all facets of bone grafting procedures and can better ensure your candidacy for dental implants. Trust our board certified periodontists to rebuild a solid foundation which can lead to better oral health and overall quality of life!

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