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A Minimally-Invasive Alternative to Traditional Gum Disease Surgery

In our Chattanooga, TN practice, our periodontists offer the most advanced options for periodontal surgery.

Laser gum disease treatment is available as part of Dr. Randall’s gum disease treatments. The laser removes diseased gum tissue while leaving healthy cells undisrupted, offering significant advantages over traditional surgery. It’s a gentle and minimally-invasive method of treating gum disease with little pain or discomfort. The technique kills up to 99% of disease-causing bacteria from within the infected gum pocket. And no cutting or suturing is required!

During laser gum disease treatments, a small laser fiber is placed within the pocket between the gums and tooth. The laser’s power is so advanced, it only disrupts the diseased gums and leaves healthy tissue intact. After undergoing laser gum treatment, new, healthy tissue can reattach to the root surface, reducing the risk of bone and tooth loss.

Benefits of Laser Gum Disease Treatment

  • More comfortable than conventional surgery or other laser systems
  • No cutting or suturing of the gum tissue
  • Short downtime and recovery
  • Fewer areas of gum shrinkage
  • Less post-op sensitivity
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling

Laser Gum Treatment vs. Traditional Therapy

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Laser gum treatment saves tissue that would otherwise be traumatized during traditional surgery. This results in a more comfortable procedure and faster healing for our patients.

Other benefits include minimal bleeding, less discomfort, reduced recovery time, prevention of root decay and recession, and  safe for patients with certain health conditions. Gum surgery is generally less expensive than the cost of removing and replacing teeth. Laser gum therapy still requires routine cleaning visits afterwards to maintain the healthy environment. Laser-assisted gum surgery patients usually have less sensitivity and are able to resume regular activity and eating very quickly.

Don’t neglect your gums another day.

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