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Invasive Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer

We Offer Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Periodontics Alternatives

Poor oral health habits, genetics or other factors can lead to plaque or tartar build up around teeth. If not removed regularly, this hard calculus spreads toward the root of the teeth, creeping under the gums and causing a pocket filled with infection.

This condition is known as gum or periodontal disease. Some symptoms include puffy, bleeding gums, and teeth that are spreading apart or loose. Intervention in the form of surgery is typically required to restore health and eliminate bacteria. While many people view us as their specialist provider for gum surgery, we are also proud to specialize in non-surgical periodontics through minimally invasive alternatives to traditional gum disease surgery. With your comfort in mind, we leave surgical procedures as a last resort. First, we may provide you with non-surgical periodontics options.

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LANAP® Laser Thearpy

The LANAP protocol uses the PerioLase MVP-7™ laser to destroy harmful bacteria and clear away infected tissues.

During your treatment, we will pass a small laser between the teeth and gums to restore oral health. There are no sharp instruments needed. The laser is so precise, it can seek out damaged areas and actually leave healthy tissue untouched, so you’re only being treated in areas that need it. While the laser is powerful, it is also gentle enough that you should feel minimal discomfort, if any. You can also return to your normal activities quickly, since the downtime is short. LANAP offers:

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How We Treat Gum Disease Comfortably with LANAP

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Scaling & Root Planing (Deep Cleanings)

For mild cases of gum disease we may recommend you undergo a form of non-surgical periodontics called scaling and root planing. This is a deep cleaning procedure that involves removing the tartar, bacteria, and toxins from the pocket, as well as cleaning the root of the tooth. If stubborn infections are present, we may place an antibiotic directly into the pocket to help it heal. For most patients, scaling and root planing is enough to rid their mouth of infection. But, in some cases, laser therapy may also be used in conjunction.

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Scaling and root planing

Periodontal Maintenance

You’ve taken the time to complete your deep cleaning and your gums are healthy. Now what? Changes to your daily routine, including better brushing and flossing habits are necessary. So are regular visits to our practice in Chattanooga, TN for periodontal maintenance. These cleanings are usually completed every three months to keep disease symptoms controlled. During your cleaning, we’ll remove any buildup from the visible surface of the tooth, as well as the root. Your periodontal maintenance appointment is a good way for us to ensure that root planing and scaling is a success and that everything remains healthy.

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