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What to Expect with Dental Implants

Board Certified Periodontists Offer Successful, Predictable Results

You may be considering getting dental implants for your missing teeth or to stabilize your removable denture. Or perhaps you need to get a tooth pulled and want to replace it with something fixed and permanent.

Dr. Felts and Dr. Randall of Chattanooga, TN value each one of our patients and treat them like family. No matter what your smile has been through, we’re here to provide you with what to expect with dental implant surgery. As a leading provider of dental implants in the area we have the skills, technology and facility to offer successful, predictable dental implant results.

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Your Initial Consultation

When visiting our Chattanooga, TN office for your implant consultation, we’ll complete an intraoral exam and take a 3D CT scan.

With this image, we’ll be able to assess and measure your oral anatomy. We may also take digital impressions with our TRIOS scanner to create a replica of your mouth. These tools help us determine if you are a candidate for the procedure and which steps to take next. We will also discuss how many implants and what type of restoration options are appropriate.

All of your questions about what to expect with dental implants will be answered and financing options discussed. If you’re ready to move forward with treatment, we’ll schedule your implant placement.

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Dr. Randall Discusses What To Expect with Dental Implants

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Why Choose Us?

Healing and Recovery

You should experience little to no pain from implant placement. If we prescribe any medication, be sure to take it as directed.

You’ll return periodically for us to assess the area and make sure the bone and implant are integrating properly. Once everything is stable, we will place your permanent restoration over the implants. From start to finish, the full process of getting an implant and the restorative phases can take up to six months. This is something we can discuss with you further in-depth at the time of your consultation.

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What to Expect with Dental Implant Placement

Most of our patients request sedation dentistry during their implant surgery, even though the procedure itself is not considered painful.

During the surgery, our periodontists will use a custom-made surgical guide that will show them precisely where to place the implant. This makes the procedure more efficient and less invasive, improving the overall dental implant outcome and success. Whether you are having one implant or multiple implants placed, we use the same level of care to make your experience positive and comfortable. If your tooth needs to be extracted before surgery, we’ll remove it and then place the implant into the same socket area.

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Trust Your Dental Implant Procedure to Our Specialists

Give us a call today to learn more about what to expect with dental implants, or to schedule your consultation!